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Notebook of household remodeling projects

When we moved into our new home, the yard was nothing more than bare dirt. Inside were boring white walls and a blue carpeting. Since 1991 we have replaced door handles, hardware, plumbing, lighting and electrical fixtures. The we have laid ceremic tile and laminate floring.... and we have painted and painted and painted.

The back yard has been transformed into a beautiful Japanese Garden with a pond and Onsen (bath house). Much of this site is devoted extensively to the Japanese garden alone.

The catalog below is a photo diary sampling of some of our most extensive and challenging projects. It shows how we took a "generic" tract house and turned it into a home that reflecs our own personal style and ideas. It's a place that says something distinct about us when people enter our home. Here is how it was done:

Project Catalog:

Project "Difficulty Level" Scale:

"Slight" [Piece of cake, one-day project, shower and a beer] =
"Moderate" [Fingers struck, pinched or splinters inserted] =
"Strenuous" [Damaged or missing tols and/or remedial first aid] =
"Oh S#!t" [Emergency Room visit] =

Copyright 2005, Robert Neary